Today I’m chatting with Elizabeth DiAlto, a an Integrative Spiritual counselor, creator of Wild Soul Movement, an author, and the host of the popular Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto podcast.

This was such a treat to interview Elizabeth, because within a week we interviewed each other for our respective podcasts. In fact, I highly recommend having this experience – being able to ask the questions, but also being treated to the skill of an excellent interviewer and having to answer questions too!

It was such a good reminder of what it feels like to be a guest on a podcast as well as an interviewer – and lucky for me, Elizabeth’s podcast is wonderful and her interviewing skills are too – my episode on her podcast will be coming sometime around January of 2019 – so stay tuned, or better yet, start tuning in to her podcast now!

In this interview we talked about exuberance, being tender and protective with insights and ideas, accepting and integrating body changes, the male gaze, the female gaze, letting intuition take the lead, stand-up comedy and improvisation.

Enjoy our ramble through the myth of Ariadne and the Golden Thread as well as Elizabeth’s relationship with her body and creativity.

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Things we chatted about in this episode:

  • the myth of Ariadne and the golden thread
  • How her Elizabeth’s golden thread is self-trust and acceptance
  • On befriending the Minotaur
  • On friendship, loyalty and not sacrificing the Minotaur
  • Loves how women’s intuition guides connection, compassion, wisdom and love
  • Viewing intuition as the voice of God/the Divine speaking directly to you
  • Ariadne as a powerful wise young woman
  • How Elizabeth’s intuition guides her to create 97% of the time. Her Wild Soul Movement was created by listening to her intuition.
  • The importance of going inwards before going outwards to do things
  • How Minotaur is the beast who is ‘othered’
  • Othering people who don’t fit
  • Audre Lorde’s mythic norm
  • The poetry of Nayirrah Waheed
  • relationship with body
  • On how her face and her body are not an invitation for commentary (and the prevalence of this on social media etc)
  • On how being considered gorgeous is not what she’s here for
  • On sensuality
  • The moon and female body cycles
  • Having been in an emotionally abusive relationship where her ex was very critical of her body
  • Having gained weight and the disorienting experience of having more flesh on her body
  • The male gaze, the female gaze and untangling from programs that tell us our bodies are not good enough
  • Having the real practice of being “I fully accept this and love this” no matter what ‘this’ is physically
  • The power of transcendental meditation – loves connecting between mind and body
  • relationship with creativity
  • Stand up comedy as an embodiment of her creativity
  • Doing open-mics with her comedy
  • Having a framework then leaving room to improvise
  • How important it is to find the humour in things so we don’t drown in the despair of it all
  • Stand up comedy as experimentation, expression and service
  • Having an iterative creative practice – honing, tweaking, refining, practice