Today I’m chatting with Rachael Maddox a trauma resolution educator, coach and guide who’s helped hundreds of women and men resolve their sexual trauma and reclaim their pleasure, power and wholeness.

In her first book, Secret Bad Girl, Rachael tells the story of her return to wildness, sensuality, health and embodied safety after a decade living under the trauma spell.

Her next book, Sex After Trauma, which will be published fall of 2018, is written to help people navigate life between the sheets after they’ve been through the worst of it.

I first met Rachael almost 4 years ago at a time when we were both figuring out what our work was in the world, and how to share it. I’ve always been impressed by her willingness to transparently engage with the world as an in-process human being, always discussing and inquiring and sharing what is up for her with honesty, and in her velvety soft voice.

It’s a real pleasure to have had a deeper conversation with Rachael, and to share her thoughts with you. Enjoy!

Enjoy our ramble through a myth she learned at Burning Man as well as Rachael’s relationship with her body and creativity.

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Things we chatted about in this episode:

  • a second/third/fourth hand myth via Burning Man
  • relationship with creativity
  • on writing books
  • relationship with body