Today I’m chatting with Deb Cooperman, a certified life coach trained by the Coaches Training Institute.

Deb is a self-proclaimed poster-babe for the power of journaling. She got her first journal when she was 12, and since then she’s written through failed relationships, career changes, illness, and the deaths of people she loved. She’s mapped out big dreams, and celebrated the life-changes and achievements that came as a result.

Now she helps others use journaling to rediscover themselves, and write through the chaos, craziness, and celebrations that are part of this rollercoaster called life.

Enjoy our ramble through the myth of Sisyphus and Deb’s relationship with her body and creativity.

Things we chatted about in this episode:

The intricacies of where you’re from when you say you’re from New Jersey.

  • the myth of Sisyphus
  • on the deep grief of being aware of the futility of his task
  • the discovery as a child hearing this story that you could be punished for having questions
  • on feeling like Sisyphus in her business
  • the many layers in a story
  • the Wizard of Oz and the longing to be somewhere else
  • how longing is often about the feeling of longing rather than the object being longed for
  • trials along the way
  • on loving bubbles
  • relationship with creativity
  • how it’s been the biggest throughline from childhood to now
  • how writing is the biggest creative outlet
  • having little tricks and tools to get out of creative block
  • having faith that showing up will create creative movement
  • all the creative outlets, music, writing, and now, knitting too
  • relationship with body
  • how her relationship with her body has been like the Wizard of Oz – longing for something that wasn’t, but also for what was there all along
  • how her body is her greatest teacher
  • on learning how to be not just tough and helpful, but also to listen to her body
  • how moving faster and taking more on can feel calming and soothe jittery nerves
  • on loving how powerful her body is

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