Today I’m chatting with Alicia Pellicer, who lives the kind of life I often daydream about (traveling, writing, spending time in nature).

She is the writer and creative lovechild of two country musicians. After growing up in a little house down a long dirt road somewhere in North Florida she left to travel the world in 2004.

A nomadic free spirit, she has spent a great deal of time studying and living in a van writing books and music, and exploring the darkest corners of her own heart.

Enjoy our ramble through Alicia’s love of Alice in Wonderland as well as her relationship with her body and creativity.

Things we chatted about in this episode:

  • the (modern) fairytale Alice in Wonderland
  • How wise and deep of an awakening story it is
  • how trying to have a baby for 10 years was like following Alice’s white rabbit down the rabbit hole.
  • How the story of Alice in Wonderland has become a teacher for remembering who she is, and awakening into the creative self, and discovering that she actually belongs in the rabbit hole
  • How it feels like she’s the Alice archetype
  • On growing up with parents who are total artists and free spirits, and how her rebellion was getting a phD in academia
  • On growing up Catholic and wanting to be a nun, to go inward and escape from the world and seek wisdom.
  • Studying religion, psychology, an MBA and ethics – as a way of exploring the meaning behind things.


  • relationship with creativity
  • On having ignored her creativity for a long time, working in a bank, then the creative gates opening up and starting to flow
  • Creativity being one of the greatest blessings of her entire life – writing, music, having it really be her life
  • On being here to express self, and how that’s the main purpose
  • How living in a van traveling helps tap into creativity
  • How writing is a way of soul expression
  • How she’s currently a book/memoir on growing up in such an idyllic free childhood
  • How her book is her ultimate creative child being born


  • relationship with body
  • How something that feels like a horrible curse (infertility) can also be one of the signs in our life blessing us and leading us to our own unfoldment
  • How her infertility blessed her by teaching her how to mother and give her love to herself
  • How listening to her body and it’s messages instead of resenting it for what it couldn’t do for her has led to love and gratitude and appreciation for being her physical form in the world
  • How if you let it, your body will show you the way back to yourself
  • creating centering body connection through meditation, taking hot baths and yoga in the morning

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