Today I’m chatting with Nadia Munla, a Health & Sensuality Coach who guides women to sensual nourishment and embodied power by helping them reconnect to their own body voice.

Although we’ve never met in person I had fun connecting the dots and discovering we both went to the same university and knew the same neighbourhoods in Montreal.

Nadia is immensely passionate about supporting women in their journey back to their embodied essence so they can feel vibrant, alive & free again. She does this work through her Embody dance classes, immersion workshops and one-on-one coaching. It is my true pleasure to share our conversation with you today!

Enjoy our ramble through the fairytale Gwinna and Nadia’s relationship with her body and creativity.

Things we chatted about in this episode:

  • the fairytale Gwinna (and the beautiful version that Nadia tells for us)

  • Gwinna as the story of a young girl finding herself in the world
  • The many cool spiritual lessons that Gwinna contains
  • What being on The Heroine’s Journey means
  • How, along every step of Gwinna’s journey, a sacrifice has to be made, and a letting go has to happen
  • How it’s such a representation of the feminine, and how it spoke to the feminine sensualist that Nadia is, and was as a child
  • what masculine/feminine energies are, and what it means to integrate the two
  • How important it is to go inward and find your own song, your own version of the beautiful golden drops that come down from the sky when Gwinna plays her harp
  • How favourite fairytales allow you to revisit different phases of your life


  • relationship with creativity
  • How music, songs and playlists are a healing tool for Nadia
  • How learning from mentors has helped access her creativity
  • the difference between trying to force creativity on your own schedule rather than letting it unfold
  • How it’s been tumultuous but how Nadia is making peace with it now
  • Learning how to let go of being attached to having ideas generated
  • How the masculine energy has to be in service to the feminine, ie: doing/being
  • Learning how to support creativity –ie: planning to do a day of writing, therefore being around water, doing yoga, doing the things that support the flow of creative energy and get you to the place of being spacious and peaceful in body and mind, in order to receive the creative impulse


  • relationship with body
  • knowing that body is boss
  • listening to her body as much as possible
  • Trusting that her body knows what to do
  • How healing your body helps you hear your ‘song’
  • How wanting to become a professional ballerina and being told at the age of 8 that her knees couldn’t support being in pointe shoes, thus, she couldn’t become a ballerina, led to this idea of the body being an enemy – contributing to dissociation
  • How growing up with many health problems (ulcers, migraines, digestive and acne and skin issues) taught her how to disconnect from her body and go into her head and overachievement
  • Stress and working as a film producer and how it affected her body/how her body broke down as a way of telling her to stop


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