Today I’m chatting with Sofia Rose Smith, a queer & feminist intuitive guide, coach, channel and writer.

We clicked over our love of dance, and I had such fun chatting and comparing notes of our shared fairytale favourite, Sealskin, Soulskin.

Sofia supports women, people of color, and queer folks in finding ritual, ceremony, creativity and joy in their lives. She has a background in facilitation, social justice and liberation work, as well as a deep connection with intuitive & ancestral healing traditions, embodied movement, and creativity.

She has a full life doing 1:1 coaching and group healing circles, writes, and is the founder of the Queer & Feminist Visionary Immersion, while also sending out weekly love letters and writing prompts to her Finding Magic community. She believes community is medicine and that, as June Jordan writes, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Enjoy our ramble through the fairytale Sealskin, Soulskin as well as Sofia’s relationship with her body and her creativity.

Things we chatted about in this episode:

the fairytale Sealskin, Soulskin

  • how stories come to us when we need them
  • the fun of comparing versions of the same story, discovering new elements
  • on losing ancestral cultural stories as a 3rd generation Los Angeleno
  • on trickery and being trapped away from home and soul
  • needing to go through a ‘homing’ journey
  • going from being brittle and dried out to alive and supple
  • how being near water being at home in the water has been part of that journey, in the story and personally
  • a pivotal journey to Guatemala near her families homeland in Mexico, spending time by herself, by a lake, taking a break from everyday life

relationship with creativity

  • how LA can be so competitive and performance oriented
  • creativity being nourished by her parents growing up
  • on identifying with being an artist as a way of moving in the world
  • how busyness and numbing out crops up when she drifts away from her creativity
  • drifting away from creativity looks like forgetting to bring ritual into her day
  • creativity experienced as something living in the body, in the intuition, through writing, dance

relationship with body

  • on asking the questions: what teaches us to be embodied, at what point do we become disembodied, and how do we come back to our bodies?
  • what it was like growing up dancing in a community of women
  • how dance isn’t about being perfect is an expressive healing communal practice
  • how internalized oppression of women’s bodies led to feeling ‘too old’ to learn dance styles at the age of 13, and how it shuts joy and participation down
  • how those thoughts are the “itty bitty shitty committee” and how, although they’re personal, they’re also connected to systems of oppression
  • the dichotomy of good-enough vs. not-good-enough
  • on being shy and introverted as a child, not liking everyone looking during performances
  • the ceremony of the dance and being at home in body were interconnected
  • how dance forms have lineages
  • how Janelle wanted to dance, but grew up in swim and karate clubs instead
  • on wanting to become a mother and connecting with womb space
  • the suspicion that a lot of grief work comes along with working that deeply with the womb

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