Today I’m chatting with Celia McBride, a multi-disciplinary artist and Pacific Jubilee-trained spiritual director from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

We’re from the same hometown but I first met Celia when I interviewed for a job she posted, and over the years have been witness to her thoughtful steady determined creative and spiritual path. She is currently working on a book about the spiritual journey and sharing her film Last Stop for Miles with audiences.

It was pure pleasure to talk to her for this podcast. Please enjoy our ramble through the story of Jumping Mouse and Celia’s relationship with her body and creativity.

Things we chatted about in this episode:

And by the way we recorded this conversation in January and we’re Canadian so the temperatures we’re speaking of are in Celsius!

  • the Plains First Nations story Jumping Mouse
  • Upon first reading it at the age of 21 was brought to grievous tears.
  • How this little mouse wants to go to a far off land, and goes despite being told he’s a foolish dreamer.
  • This idea of giving of yourself with no expectations, so deeply that you’re transformed by it.
  • Giving without expecting to get anything back.
  • How it’s good practice to notice what one’s motivations are in any situation and relationship – asking the question: what’s motivating this level of giving and service? Also being human – it’s not bad to have motivations, but it’s important to notice.
  • How the story has sparked exploration of the giving gifts, and how Jumping Mouse’s gift of his sight to the bison seems so unimaginable.
  • How we are so attached to what we take for granted.


  • relationship with creativity
  • As an adult Celia was a self-described semi successful theatre artist.
  • Dance has always been her first love but didn’t pursue it because she knew she’d never ‘make it’
  • Now loosening up on these ideas and just enjoying dancing as the experience of expressing full joy with the body in movement.
  • At the age of 7 or 8 she started to use her mother’s typewriter and write stories.
  • The struggle as a lifelong ‘not-good-enough’ person and the healing journey of that deep deep wound.
  • Feels that to be an artist/creative person comes with a whole set of challenges.
  • These days enjoying practicing painting and writing a memoir.
  • Enjoying contact improvisation recently.


  • relationship with body
  • It’s an internal, emotional and spiritual journey.
  • In an unprecedented freedom love zone with her body.
  • Experiencing ‘Celia’ inhabiting the body as something that is happening to her. Feels like an incredible experience.
  • Having experiences of her body as being animated. Of getting to ‘be’ Celia.
  • After years of hating her body and herself, is in a longterm process of being grateful for her dynamic alive animated physical form.
  • Self-hatred came from a continual struggle with food, of overeating and restricting, and having her self-worth being utterly dependent on how she looked.
  • Being able to value herself from a different place and separate from that judging mind that only sees the flaws, this has sparked that change.
  • Knowing ‘I am more than this physical form, and this form has no bearing on who and what I am’ brings the transformation into internal freedom.
  • Realizing you are only in this body for a finite time, and reminding herself – look at how it’s served you!
  • On the freedom that comes with learning that we don’t have to believe our thoughts.

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