Today I’m chatting with Sofia Fortin, founder of the Happy Vagina Project. Her mission is to create connections between the art of sex, feminine woo woo and unleashing your inner awesome. She’s a certified sexuality coach and sex educator who is inspired to help women and men reconnect with and reignite their love of life and their relationships.

She believes that knowing and owning your sexual fingerprint is knowing your authentic self and that it is a courageous act to explore your sexuality with conciseness and curiosity.

Sofia and I grew up in the same hometown of Whitehorse, in the far north of Canada, and it’s been a genuine pleasure for me to watch her create a new career in which her bubbly vivacious enthusiasm is used to light people up as they reconnect to their own bodies and sexuality.

Enjoy our ramble through the myth of Lilith and Sofia’s relationship with her body and creativity.

Things we chatted about in this episode:

  • how Sofia is obsessed with the story of Lilith
  • how she wrote the story of Lilith off as an uber-feminist story at first, then has revisited it as the embodiment of feminine power
  • how Lilith blends the owl and goddess of wisdom/intuition with the serpentine kundalini/earth/sexual energy
  • the connection between Lilith and Sofia’s personal mission is to merge those two things and bring them back together for women
  • on leaving home after a breakup during her Saturn return, with a goal to reconnect with her intuition
  • having a hungry yearning to learn more about sexuality, cultural, anthropological, spiritual perspectives on sexuality
  • on taking Lilith’s story and challenge as her personal mission


  • relationship with creativity
  • used to think of herself as a creative person in highschool, then left it behind.
  • wrote all the time, painted and collaged a lot, wanted to get into film.
  • getting back into playful creativity – doodling and painting with no clear goal
  • how creativity = play and curiosity
  • now creativity manifests in different ways, in more tangible events and courses she runs
  • how creativity lies in doing all the things that put you in a relaxed state of pleasure and contentment so that what needs to flow just flows
  • expressive arts therapy and how wonderful it is
  • on knowing that the voice that feels dorky and playful and usually a little bit quiet is your intuition
  • playing with ideas of sensuality, manifestation and the body
  • that according to Naomi Wolf transcendental sex and orgasms create a different viewpoint and holistic experience with the world, and how this sparks creative blossoming


  • relationship with body
  • in an interesting place with her body – having gained a bunch of weight, not fitting into her clothes, struggling with it.
  • wanting to learn to accept what is. Also wanting to have expectations and standards too. Working on how to accept what is without losing a motivation to stay healthy.
  • discovering how her body is changing in her 30s.
  • had breast reduction surgery at 19 because of all the ways she was holding back because of her large breasts, covering up her body to shield from attention, opting out of physical activities, etcetera.
  • embracing her curves more and enjoying how much other people appreciate her body these days.
  • how always having had a lot of pain in her body got hr interested in exploring sexuality because of discomfort in IT bands, pelvic floor, lower back.
  • on now movement helps when in pain in the body.
  • how she’s all about relationships with vaginas. Where the happy vagina project came from.
  • our pussies are out of sight out of mind often, but she’s our second brain, our second mind, she regulates so much, yet we’re not encouraged to explore that.

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