Today I’m chatting with Zona Beloved Garrett, a life coach who loves every client and business she’s worked with, and currently focuses on helping college students succeed.

Mostly though, Zona is a delightful person who looks at limitations as challenges, faces her fears and dreams of building a tiny house on wheels (me too!).

Enjoy our ramble through the story of Mulan and Zona’s relationship with her body and creativity.

Things we chatted about in this episode:

  • the Disney movie Mulan
  • Mulan from Disney.
  • Loves the story and feels it’s so great for women in business. Feels women have more options and say in business than they ever have. The unconventional choices are becoming more available
  • Really relates to the underdog and Mulan as someone who does their own thing anyways.
  • Grew up the middle of 5 kids, felt like part of the pack but also alone. Her oldest brother who followed his creativity and desire to travel inspired and paved the way for her
  • On a secret (not so secret now) passion for tiny houses, and plans to build a tiny house on wheels
  • Suits her sense of adventure and need for change
  • Also loves the movie Finding Nemo – and the themes of leaving and adventuring and seeking
  • Enjoys learning and being a bookworm but loves the surprise and challenge of investing in different cultures, learning different things, finding ways in which people are similar despite differences
  • Views herself as a person with their hand across the fence – not knowing much but being willing to learn
  • Took on a new challenge – to learn Arabic


  • relationship with creativity
  • Loves writing books and blogs as well as painting.
  • On letting going of trying to be really good at something first, and now doing a lot of things badly and enjoying them.
  • Loves using her creativity to find different ways to do things. Life coaching feels very creative for her.
  • On having ‘crazy’ women to look up to, learning from them and then do even better.


  • relationship with body
  • Identifies herself as overweight, and for a long time really struggled with that image of herself. Really relates to the underdog and Mulan as someone who does their own thing anyways.
  • Is definitely goal oriented, and has been spending the last year and a half discovering what she loves about her body, what she loves to do.
  • Having little goals for herself helps her to feel powerful and encouraged.
  • Has developed a trust in her body that she never had before.
  • A year and a half ago decided to go skydiving. Loves Belize and has a goal to go skydiving there.
  • As a child was deathly afraid of heights. Worked through fear of heights, worked with a personal trainer to get her body strong enough to go skydiving, has changed her experience of her body and how strong she feels.
  • Loves that she feels capable and able to build her own tiny house when that time comes.

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