Today I’m chatting with Amy Kebernik, a Sexuality, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Somatic Sexual Educator and Tantra teacher who currently resides in the small town Terrace, B.C., Canada.

We met at Dr. Betty Martin’s incomparably amazing workshop on touch and consent, and I was immediately enchanted by her lighthearted presence and her delightful way of saying the phrase ‘some such’.

Amy teaches and facilitates classes, including The Sexually Embodied Woman self-development course, and leads workshops on somatic sexuality, trauma release, conscious touch, communication, meditation and embodiment practices.

Her passion is in educating & inspiring others to discover how they can feel more pleasure and freedom in their lives. She works with individuals and couples privately, and via Skype and is also on staff for various retreats at Back to the Body; Sensuous Retreats for Women.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

Enjoy our ramble through the story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves as well as Amy’s relationship with her body and creativity.

Things we chatted about in this episode:

  • the tale of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
  • Has always felt that the main character is Morgiana, the slave girl, who is the savior and the intelligent one.
  • Growing up with Disney princesses, this fairytale was really special because it showcased all the attributes in a woman that are really important like being intelligent, thoughtful, observant, courageous.


  • relationship with creativity
  • Creativity is part of everything she does. Home is a space where she feels good, a place she wants to be in, cooking, taking pleasure in the senses
  • Notes that it’s not about getting lost in the senses but taking in and enjoying everything, creativity infuses every part of her life
  • Music – was a songwriter for many years, went to university for vocal performance – teacher of voice, piano, music
  • Amy’s musical creativity came into it’s fullness when her mother passed away in 2008. So much grief and sadness and emotion that music was the way to have a cathartic experience and write about what she was going through
  • Feels her next level of creativity will be about how to tap into the beautiful happy spaces, connect with loved ones far away, feed herself and her body really well


  • relationship with body
  • Right now, loves her body more than she ever has.
  • Feels her whole healing journey is about deepening relationship with self.
  • Has gone through so many different stages in her body. When she was a tiny little girl she was always outdoors playing.
  • Then she became a golden gloves boxing champion as a teenager, connected with her physical strength and felt very safe and able to defend herself.
  • But still had body image issues even being as fit as she was – not feeling good inside, wishing her body was different than what it was.
  • Now, growing older, her body is much softer. She feels she’d be considered curvy/voluptuous/overweight, but she feels so secure in who she is and has become happier and happier in her body.
  • Main goal – to become healthier by finding activities that fill her up with joy.
  • On having a naked wedding. So much love. No judgment. Such a beautiful ceremony.
  • Read about Tantra in her late teens, attracted to idea of sacred sexuality and the relationship she has with herself, and the desire to be out in the world and see something beautiful in each person…
  • Working with tantra for Amy is about working with presence, deepening connection with herself and the world around her.
  • Believes we’re all in this together, we’re all connected, we’re all humans having a spiritual experience in a human body
  • “The more I resonate with my body, listen to my intuition, give myself love in situations that aren’t necessarily loving, being gentle with myself, the more the inner critic/perfectionist is tamed.”

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