Fine Toothed Comb

a short story writing class

For when you just need a little guidance and clear feedback on your stories, from other people.

​This is a straightforward writing class focused on craft – editing and revising long-form essays and stories.

“Sending you a big ’thank you’ for the Fine Toothed Comb group. It’s the first time I’ve been able to tell these stories, as I haven’t felt ‘heard’ before. Thank you for having established a safe zone to share them.”
~ Anonymous, writer and former educator, BC, Canada
  • All genders welcome.
  • Weekly sessions.
  • Maximum 6 people per session.
  • Online via Zoom videocall.

We refine the stories in community so you can feel good about sharing them and/or submitting them for publication.

This is how A Fine Toothed Comb works:

  • We’ll have 8 sessions together, plus two integration weeks.
  • I keep the circles small – no more than 6 people per circle (all genders welcome.)
  • Each session is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The arc of the 8 sessions will look like this:

We’ll gather, discuss and establish the kinds of stories we want to write, and go over feedback and critiqueing guidelines.

Each participant will have the opportunity to submit and receive feedback on a minimum of 2 stories, maximum of 4 stories (we’ll determine a pacing that works for the group.)

The stories can be up to 2,000 words long.

The focus is personal narrative, but I won’t rule out fiction is that’s what you want to play with.

In between in-person sessions you will be:

  • writing your stories (unless you’ve already written them)
  • reading your classmates’ stories
  • offering feedback and critique on your classmates’ stories using googledocs (don’t worry, I provide guidance on critiqueing and feedback)

All of the submitting and critiquing will happen in an agreed-upon timeframe – so it all flows

During our sessions we come together and discuss the feedback and the writing.

Reading and offering feedback on each other’s stories is one of the fastest ways I know to improve our writing and self-editing.

And to get inspired.

We keep doing this till we run out of sessions together.

Sometimes we intersperse with discussion, based on what the group as a whole wants to learn and discuss.

This is a class that requires a commitment to writing and editing (like a fine-toothed comb) in between sessions.

This is also a deep, informative and fun class.

This is a fantastic next step from the Art of Personal Mythmaking and the Keep Writing Circle.

You’ve been generating plenty of stories – now it’s time to pick a few and polish them up.

It’s a real treat for me to teach this!

So why don’t you join in!

Sign up for A Fine Toothed Comb below.

IMPORTANT: I only record the critiques for these sessions. We participate in real-time and there are 5 spots per round.
Once you’ve purchased a spot you’ll receive an e-mail with the Zoom call details.

Next round will begin September 2021.

Enrolment will open early August. To get  notifications just sign up for my newsletter.

In this series we have:

  • a burst of 2 weekly sessions
  • a weeklong break
  • then another 4 sessions
  • a weeklong break
  • a final 2 sessions

Days with no writing circle are TBA.

8 Fine Toothed Comb sessions total

Times, TBA. In Pacific Time

Payment plans available (click the link to see)

$409 USD

Canadians – if you’d like to pay in Canadian $$ via e-transfer, you’re welcome to pay $530 CAD to jaha (at)

Meet your guide:

Hi! I’m Janelle Hardy. I work with creative, sensitive big-hearted women and non-binary people (and sometimes men), helping them to grow, heal and thrive.

I’ve been working as a trauma-informed Structural Integrator doing one-on-one hands-on healing bodywork for over 12 years, and teaching individuals and groups for even longer.

I’ve got a particular passion for our individual and cultural stories, a deep reverence for the power of stories and identity, and great respect for the immensely beautiful force of questioning our stories, even as we honour them.

My passion lies is weaving our connection with the creative arts and the body together with deep cultural knowing and self exploration (and lifestories and memoirs are a great way to do that) to create spaciousness, ease and joy in our lives.

What this means for you is that I’ve got an uncommon ability to listen deeply, ask useful questions, see patterns, draw threads together, do my research and guide you towards your goals.

I’m also a published writer with a BA in Anthropology, an MA in Dance and a Diploma in Hellerwork Structural Integration. I’ve worked as a research assistant at Yukon Archives, as a teacher and teaching assistant at various colleges and universities, and taught creative writing and healing workshops online and in person.

So let’s step towards our calling, towards our stories, towards our personal mythologies, and start the mythmaking.

So why don’t you join me in this playful writing circle series? It’ll be weird, marvelous and fun.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you record the sessions?

I only record the critiques. However, these are live workshops, designed to be participatory. Therefore, you need to commit to showing up – which is why you’re signing up, right? 🙂

What do I need to participate?

An email account. The link to the workshop videocall will be send to you via e-mail.

Access to the internet. Our videocalls require being connected to the internet.

A Google account so you can use googledocs. Don’t worry if you don’t have that, or haven’t used googledocs. I can do an orientation walkthrough.

Time. Each session is about 2 hours and 15 minutes. 

You’ll also need to write your stories in between sessions, and edit/give feedback on others’ stories (I’d budget about an hour per story.)

Optional: earbuds/headphones so the sound quality is better (recommended if you’ll have background noise and/or get distracted by background noise.

A notebook and writing implements: I recommend handwriting first, typing second. But do what works best for you. Pen, paper, keyboard.


I'm a man. Can I participate?
Yes. Absolutely. Although some of the work I do is contained to specific genders, this Keep Writing series is open to anyone.
How are you qualified to teach this work?

Thanks for asking.

I’ve got over 4+ years of circle facilitation experience, over a decade of adult teaching experience and 12+ years of hands-on one-on-one healing experience.