Healing Through Writing


to help you move forward on your healing journey by learning simple memoir-writing techniques and supportive processes from 25+ skilled healers and writers


“Janelle’s writing process, with focus on embodiment, has been important healing work for me.

Her leadership is quiet and compassionate. Her writing process is gentle and healing.

She offers an abundant banquet and lets me choose what to try. She encourages me to go at my own pace, including information about resistance so that I don’t get stuck.”

Lisa B.

Colorado Springs

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Janelle…

And I love all things memoir, body, healing and story.

I’m a transformational memoir-writing teacher and body-based healing therapist, and I’ve been exploring stories, writing and healing since I was young. 

I studied Anthropology and Dance at university, then went on to get certified in Structural Integration, a deep-tissue hands-on bodywork that integrates fascial release with movement lessons and body-mind-heart dialogue. I’m also almost finished my Somatic Experiencing certification, which is all about trauma-healing through nervous system regulation.

Over the past 20 years I’ve juggled life as a single mother, artist and perpetually curious person with many wide-ranging jobs.

You could say I collect stories through experiences, and I love making sense of and synthesizing these life experiences into story.

I’ve published my writing widely (an anthology of single mothers, newspapers and magazines), I still submit my writing regularly, and I’ve run two artist-in-residence programs.

I also host a podcast interviewing published and in-progress memoirists, storytellers and healers. These interviews are interspersed with episodes sharing writing prompts and… telling fairy tales.