It’s episode 63 and I’m chatting with Venessa Rodriguez, a functional nutritionist, intuitive nourishment guide and host of the Feed Your Wild Podcast, currently living in southern Oregon.

I first encountered Venessa via her Feed Your Wild podcast and so appreciated her thoughtful conversations that I reached out to invite her to do a dual podcast interview (one of my favourite kinds – where we interview each other on our podcasts and publish them simultaneously.) She said yes! How fun!

We had an incredibly wide-ranging and lovely conversation, talking about Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid, being a wanderer, rites of passage, the sea and salt-water air, quincenearas (and choosing not to have one) fertility awareness methods, unraveling family mythologies about excruciatingly painful menstruation as being normal, parents having cancer, the growth and changes in relationships to parents that have passed over, multigenerational healing, pain, sacrifices, unrequited love and a quieter kind of creativity involving plenty of handwork and drum-making (to Venessa’s own surprise!)

Venessa’s mission is to put the soul back into medicine, supporting wild-hearted change-makers get to the root cause of their challenges with their health, body, and soul path and awaken their innate healing capacity by reconnecting them to nature and their own medicine through food, spirit, and love.

Through her work combining the science + spirituality of food using a functional approach, intuitive guidance with Akashic Records, and ancestral nutrition, Venessa guides her clients through transformative experiences not only within their own health and life but by sharing their gifts with the world.

It was so fun to connect more deeply with Venessa, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening in – as well as checking out her podcast too!

Enjoy our ramble through the fairytale of The Little Mermaid as well as Venessa’s relationship with her body and creativity.

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Things we chatted about in this episode:

  • the fairytale The Little Mermaid
  • relationship with body
  • relationship with creativity