Memoir Body, Healing Story Newsletter

Weekly letters about the healing power of memoir-writing, using somatic (body) healing techniques, writing prompts, and stories like myth & fairy tale. You know, the art of personal mythmaking.

Your newsletter continues to astound and delight, your writing is so beautiful – half poetic, half poignant, without an ounce of self pity or bravado.

Amelia K

Let’s be old-fashioned.

Imagine that you’ve just come inside from checking your mailbox.

You have a letter, addressed to you, from me.

So you pull out your favourite letter opener (I like a heavy-handled metal one) and swipe it  open with a satisfying tearing sound. Now you’re pulling the folded papers out and sitting down with a window view to read, a hot drink steaming next to you.

It’s a long, personal and heartfelt letter oriented around connection, thoughtfulness and beauty.

I send out my newsletter weekly-ish.

These emails are filled with my honest perspective on life, creativity, the body and meaning-making through stories. You know, personal mythmaking.

Mixed in amongst my stories I share ways to work with me.

You’ll get my stories before they’re posted to my blog.

Most of them are exclusive to this newsletter.

Since I’m a writing teacher and a somatic healing arts practitioner, you’ll always get first dibs on the offerings I create.

As for me?

I get the beautiful blessing of sharing my vision, my words, my ideas with you, and gathering up my kindred spirits.



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