Sunday Morning Pleasures

twice monthly letters from Janelle

Your Sunday Morning Pleasures continue to astound and delight, your writing is so beautiful – half poetic, half poignant, without an ounce of self pity or bravado.

Amelia K

Let’s be old-fashioned.

Imagine that you’ve just come inside from checking your mailbox.

You have a letter, addressed to you, from me.

So you pull out your favourite letter opener (I like a heavy-handled metal one) and swipe your letter open with a satisfying tearing sound. Now you’re pulling the folded papers out and sitting down (with a window view) to read, a cup of tea (or coffee) steaming next to you.

I so appreciate long, personal and heartfelt letters that I actively seek them out, and I love to offer them too. I find it feeds this deep-rooted longing in my heart for connection, thoughtfulness and beauty.

About every two weeks I send out my Sunday Morning Pleasures, long stories filled with my honest perspective on life, creativity, the body and meaning-making through stories.

These letters come from my heart, they’re personal and wide-ranging.

Mixed in amongst my stories I share things I’m finding inspiring, ways to work with me, new offerings and new podcast episodes.

You’ll get my stories before they’re posted to my blog. Most of them are exclusive to this newsletter. And, since I’m a teacher and a healing arts practitioner, you’ll get little deals and first dibs on the offerings I create.

As for me? I get the beautiful blessing of sharing my vision, my words, my ideas with you, and gathering up my kindred spirits.

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