Another good Sunday Morning, and it’s also Valentines’ Day!

**It’s here again, the day to celebrate love, in all it’s forms. Because of that, I have no reason to write a new letter, when I have an always current love letter to the world to share.**

It is said that swans mate for life, remaining partnered and devoted to each other from adolescence until death. There are many swans in the Cowichan Valley. I’ve seen lamentations of swans spread out over fields and I’ve seen wedges of them flying overhead, but there are two swans that stay in the Cowichan Bay area, right in front of our house.

I don’t see them every day, but often enough, the sight of their elegant, bright white shapes, always traveling close together catches either my or my daughter E’s eye. They glide at a steady pace, placid, at ease. I have never seen a swan in a rush.

I think it could be anthropomorphically suggested that there is a great deal of love flowing between those two long-necked strangely graceful creatures as they live out their lives.


Read the rest of the letter here.

Please, do share my letter with your loved ones. Unless you want to enjoy it just for yourself. And remember, there is always enough love to go around, and it doesn’t have to be romantic to count!


Ps – It’s coming closer and closer – and this is the week that I  dig into the creation of my performance for the March 5th Bare Bones dance showcase.

Some hints: You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me by She and Him, shedding layers, and the poetry of Nayyirah Waheed.

That’s all for now, but please, if you’re in the area, do come out and enjoy our creations, supporting a completely homegrown dance show and talents in an intimate and pared down environment. More here.