I got a cold over the past week, and it’s just now subsiding.

My daughter had it 3 weeks ago, so it’s not surprising, and, in this shoulder season, it seems normal to get sick.

But still, it’s yucky.

For today, I have some good reads to offer you, and a free 5day prose ecourse I’ve created, that I’d love to have you join in on, starting on Halloween. More details below…

Margaret Atwood will always be a guest at my dream dinner party. Here she is, in conversation about magic, technology and changing the world.

Of course, I’m Canadian, but being neighbours to the United States means I hear a lot about their politics, and, US politics affects all of us on a global level. I find the rhetoric of Donald Trump appalling, the mainstream media reporting shallow, but I do appreciate excellent research. Here’s a well-researched rundown of a few of his recent behaviours.

Barrett Brown is an imprisoned U.S. journalist and the founder of Project PM, a crowd-sourced investigation into the cyber-industrial complex. In 2012, the FBI raided his house, and later that year Barrett was indicted on 12 federal charges relating to the 2011 Stratfor hack. The most controversial charge, linking to the hacked data, was dropped, but in 2015 Brown was sentenced to 63 months in prison. Here, he tells a story about how he keeps himself occupied and entertained whilst in prison (hint – it involves Dungeons and Dragons style role-playing games).

Until next week,


Not Sweet ecourse

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