your private retreat: a catalyst for clarity and healing


Time away. Time to yourself. Time to commit to your healing. For your heart and soul.

It doesn’t have to remain a dream. If you long for a transformative catalyst, a process that will shapeshift you out of whatever state you feel mired in, a private retreat is a beautiful option.

When the process is designed with intention, even a day can offer up an experience that sustains, nurtures, grounds and resets you.

A private retreat is fully tailored to your needs

Here is an example of what a private retreat itinerary would look like:

Beforehand: setting up your bodypsyche for the transformational process:

We cultivate the container and open the portal of transformation.

You begin by filling out the intake form. You have a conversation with me. You commit. Then we have a one hour session via videocall (in person if you live in the Okanagan Valley) and I prescribe you some homeplay – a handselected fairytale or poem or musical piece, some sort of soulful catalyst, for you to work with.

During the private retreat:

Day 1: You arrive in the Okanagan Valley, BC (sublimely beautiful Canadian winery country) and get settled in. That evening, you receive a one-on-one healing session from myself, designed to settle you into a state of deep physiological rest and receptiveness.

Day 2: We spend the day together, working on your predetermined intentions. This could take the shape of more bodywork, ritual, deep connection with sacred nature (in the form of a hike, time on the water, meditation with trees, etecetera). You finish the day feeling refreshed, clear sighted, and with a path and purpose to step into. Includes lunch, snacks and activities.

Day 3: Integration. I highly recommend you do not travel on this day but stay where you are to take a full day to yourself to integrate the experience and savour it.

Afterwards: follow-up – supporting your bodypsyche for integration and continued growth:

Two one hour calls with myself, to be scheduled within three months of the private retreat.

Private retreat rates (for all of above)

$2,000 Canadian (approx $1,500 USD)

This does not include: travel, accommodations, meals the day before or the day after the full retreat day.

For my adventurous nature hungry spirits, private retreats are also available during the months of June, July and August in two unique and transformative locations:


Camping on a wild Pacific Coast rocky beach on Vancouver Island – falling asleep to the roar of the ocean lapping at the edge of the beach, just feet from your own feet, encompassed by ancient wise trees, watching through-hikers pass by, with no cell service or wifi. This is a spectacularly transformative experience and rates start at $3,000 Canadian, with the option to extend your stay for a day or two (highly recommended.)

Camping and sauna-ing on a wild private property in the Yukon wilderness -falling asleep to the kind of silence you can only imagine until you experience it, encompassed by a bend in the Yukon River and mossy forested land, with no electricity, limited cell service and no wifi. This is a spectacularly transformative experience and rates start at $3,000 Canadian, with the option to extend your stay for a day or two (highly recommended.)

These retreats also include: pickup from the nearest airport, travel to and from the retreat location, lodgings (be aware that these are comfortable but rustic – tent, sleeping bag/sleeping pad, outhouses) all food during the retreat, and drop-off at the nearest airport.

Private retreats can also be arranged in different locations around the world.

Please contact me for more information – or simply begin the process by filling out my intake form.

How do we start?

We start with my comprehensive intake form and a free 30 minute get-to-know-you call.

Click here to fill out the intake form.

If we both feel we’re a good fit, and the retreat is what you’re looking for, then we’ll design and book your retreat.