Hi! How was your week?

It feels like so much longer than a week since I last wrote. I really felt the full moon on Tuesday, it felt more intense than usual.

What about you? Do you feel the cycles of the moon in your moods, your body?

These links are a little deeper, a little more thoughtful. Perhaps that is how the moon has affected me.


Six worthwhile minutes hearing Ursula K. Leguin’s brilliance. Her writing and speaking always illuminates.

Towards a worldwise culture of love. This is a rich and meaty bit of writing by bell hooks, whose thoughts and writing always engages and deeply challenges me.

The Hudson’s Bay blanket in the painting caught my attention first. But it’s Canadian artist Kim Dorland’s unsettling, slightly jarring use of colour that keeps my attention.

Soooooo, as always, I’m curious what you think of these links. Just hit reply and let me know.

Until next Sunday,