Devotional Paintings


Imagine a psychic reading, community art altar, benediction, prayer and art, all combined.

This is creative magic imbued in a symbol-laden intuitive painting.

Art devoted to you.

Petition me with your most heartfelt plea for shift and healing.

I meditate over your petitions and then I paint, bringing forth beauty and intuitive guidance just for you.


There are always parts of our selves in need of a little more attention, light and brightness.

Let me help you shine that light down on what you’re needing support on.

Using art to focus on transformation, I take your petitions and intentions, meditate over them, and then let the energy of intention and healing guide the shape of the painting.

Devotional Paintings are created entirely through my prayers and your intentions.

They are imbued with beauty and illumination for you.

Devotional Painting Options & Pricing

Here's how it works

Once you purchase your own Devotional Painting, I’ll send you guidance by e-mail on how to craft your intentions. After I’ve received them I’ll start the painting process.

The Specifics: your Devotional Painting will be started within one week of receiving your intention, with your intuitive reading & photo of the painting e-mailed within two weeks of starting the painting.

The original painting will be sent by mail.

You get a choice of an acrylic mixed media painting on 11″ x 14″ woodpanel frame (ready-to-hang), or 8.5″ x 11″ watercolour (this will need to be framed by you, but the shipping will be cheaper).

For larger sizes, get in touch to discuss pricing and intentions.


$1,000 Canadian

(including shipping)

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Praise & Devotion

“I love the idea of having a painting created by a gifted artist who can sit with my intention and be guided to paint… Words cannot describe how moved I am by the painting and how resonant the image is in its entirety. I even bought the original painting!!!! I continue to read and interpret many of the brushstrokes and find insights. Thank you.”

Lisa McLoughlin

Illustrator and Website Creator, London, UK

“Ordering one of Janelle’s intuitive devotional paintings, I was hesitant. I didn’t really know what to expect, but knowing Janelle and her insight and clarity outside of her intuitive paintings, I went ahead and took the leap. I’m so glad I did. Janelle’s intuitive painting was like watching a story unfold – my story. And the guidance and insight she provided felt spot on and went straight to the heart with clarity and wisdom.
Now, I have a copy of the painting on my altar and every time I look at it, I feel grounded in knowing the next steps I will take and have a deep sense trust around where I’m going. If you are facing a challenge or you want guidance on a specific question you are asking in your life, I highly recommend Janelle’s Devotional Paintings.”

Nona Jordan

Master certified coach and energy worker


Examples of Devotional Paintings



A feeling of strong love or loyalty.

The use of time, money or energy for a specific purpose.

Prayer or worship that is done in private.

Selfless affection and dedication to a person or principle.

The state of being devoted.


A keen and quick insight.

Direct perception independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension.

The quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight.

Pure, untaught, noninferential knowledge.

Soulful artistry

 Full of or expressing feeling or emotion.

Imbued with artistic expression.

Saturated with symbols, emblems, tokens, signs & guidance.



More Praise & Devotion

“I am incredibly moved, and honoured and excited. I have put the print right beside my bed, and love your reflections and write-up. I have already shared with some people, my excitement, and pleasure from receiving this. Thank You SO MUCH!! Truly.”

Sara P.

Integrative Therapist

“Janelle paints from the depths of the collective psyche–and does it with courage and love. What a unique gift to have such personalized art reflecting my heart’s deepest intention. I cherish my devotional painting, as well as the heartfelt written offering that Janelle created, and will for years to come!”

Rachael Maddox

Life Coach, Portland, USA

“Janelle’s devotional artist offerings are a powerful mix of spirit and creativity interwoven.  It was a fantastic experience to feel part of the process and to experience being connected to the art I received.  The painting was beautiful, and reflected my unique energy… as well as the deeper connection to the universe.  Janelle also thoughtfully shared her process and intuitive insights with me which were very helpful. I could feel/see the time and the energy she took to be present while doing this work.  I highly recommend this experience, and I would definitely do it again.  It’s magic:)”


Ayurvedic Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

After you order a Devotional Painting I will e-mail you with guidance on crafting your petition.

I pray and meditate over your intentions and start painting.

There is a rich depth of attention devoted to the process of devotional painting, and beautiful visual symbolism arises in the painting and shapes the outcome.

Once I’m done the painting I e-mail the intuitive guidance as a PDF document and include a photo of the painting. Afterwards, you’ll receive your original painting in the mail.






I don't get it. Is this like a tarot card reading?

Devotional Paintings have been described as a psychic reading, community art altar, benediction, prayer and art, all combined.

In a sense, it’s a little like a tarot card reading, but it’s also different.

There are many ways to access intuitive wisdom. Tarot cards are one way, psychic readings are another, channelling yet another.

The way I work is to let symbols and intuitive images arise through the act of intuitive painting.

It’s a devotional practice, and I spend a minimum of 5 hours per painting, plus compiling the guidance. This is a lot of focused attention on your specific petition.


What if I don't know what to ask?

Don’t worry.

When you purchase a Devotional Painting I will be in touch by e-mail with guidance on how to craft your petition/intention.

As with any intuitive petition, it’s important to avoid yes and no questions.

In fact, it’s best to craft a petition with the intention of being open to guidance, and with an attitude of humble self-inquiry. The life lessons and journeys we are on, while they might seem like they’re about external circumstances, always come back around to how we experience life, and what our unique challenges are.

Devotional paintings are meant to provide rich visual symbolism, combined with the written guidance. The painting and written report delve into your unique needs, which you can meditate on and learn from over time (even a year later people with Devotional Paintings have noticed that they sit with them and continue to experience healing and shift.)

What if I don't like the reading and painting?

When we seek guidance from spirit, we don’t get to choose the form it takes.

The beauty of this process is the element of surprise.

If you’re not sure about whether you’ll like it, take a look at the examples of Devotional paintings on this page, as well as the art I have in my Etsy shop. If you find you don’t like my style then don’t order a painting.

You’ll also notice that the Devotional Paintings in particular have a range of style. When I paint intuitively, I allow the forms to emerge. This means I don’t control the process or outcome. That is the whole point of these Devotional Paintings – letting go and surrendering to a greater intuitive process.

If you’re still not sure, consider this. We learn from art, even the art that we don’t like. If your guidance is meant to challenge you, it’s possible you’ll feel stirred up by the painting. This isn’t a bad thing.

Make sure you’re ok with surprises, that my artistic style resonates with you, then come back and order the painting.

I feel nervous about this. I don't know if I believe in it.

It’s ok to be nervous. It sounds like you’re curious, or you wouldn’t be here reading about this.

Perhaps you’re looking for a little help figuring something out, and your rational mind is stuck; it doesn’t like the idea of seeking out ‘intuitive woo-woo’ stuff.

Don’t worry about it. If you have a good feeling, go with that. Give it a try.

If nothing else, you’ll have a sweet little piece of art!


Devoted Feedback


“My reading was amazing. All the imagery of leaves, birds, circles, daggers, triangles and balance are all so pertinent to my life right now. You have no idea. Feathers are all around me. I leave the house and they are everywhere. I have been taking pictures of leaves all month, not really knowing why other than the obviousness of it being fall.

I need more time to sit with your painting and all it’s meanings. I feel so gifted with the abundance of messages and symbols in my life right now, that I can hardly process everything. So much is coming in. I expect your reading/painting to keep revealing to me it’s layers for quite some time.”

Trez S.

Artist, Canada

“I felt deeply drawn to participate in Janelle Hardy’s Devotional Painting offering. I could sense the love and soul she pours forth in the process and resulting artwork. Both the actual art and accompanying intuitive guidance caught me by surprise and expanded my conscious awareness.

Weeks later, I still find myself contemplating the painting and seeing different aspects anew. The piece is full of movement and layered with potent symbolism; a rich tapestry of light, colors, textures, and form.  Janelle’s Devotional Paintings are pure heart expressions—capturing the essence of each petitioner, and imbued with the artist’s own divine imprint. Treat yourself or a loved one to this beautifully customized gift.”

Elsie Chang

Global Perspectives Coaching


Devotional Painting creative process: from start to finish


Don't be shy.

If I didn’t answer all of your questions