feel it & harness it

Anger. Fury. Rage. Irritability. Have you felt it? I sure have.

Or perhaps you haven’t. You feel like you don’t get angry, but others tell you you’re an angry person. And this confuses you. I’ve been there too.

How about the anger you feel at the shocking tragedies happening in the world, racism, sexual assault, homophobia, murder, death (and this horror-filled list keeps building).

You’re angry, scared, hurt, and don’t know how to take action, how to articulate yourself, because you feel the fear of blinding rage taking over so much you retreat from the core energy of anger. I know that place too.

So here’s a starting point. This 10-day flash intensive on anger.

Learn how to feel the anger, differentiate between internalized harmful anger, and the essential, righteous anger that can be channelled and harnessed, and used to serve.

It has to start somewhere.

From Anger to Action. Let’s go.

Honouring Our Anger

A 10-day journey into fierceness and fury

How many of us can say that we are connected to our anger? That we can feel it, and more importantly, differentiate between healthy righteous anger and seething resentful bottled up anger? How many of us can say that we were taught how to express and identify anger in healthy ways.

We live in a culture that denies us of our anger. We’re taught that anger is ugly, that anger is scary, that anger is so powerful it ought to be bottled up and held in tightly, because nice girls aren’t angry women.

Honouring Our Anger is a deep dive into the fierce, the furious, the phenomenally powerful rage that lives in each of us. It’s an exploration of what anger means, and how it can be felt and expressed and honoured as power. Anger is a guidepost and will tell us clearly and firmly what is important to us, when our boundaries are being violated, and when we need to step up.

With that in mind, we’ll nurture a deep appreciation for anger, for Kali, for the destroying and generative forces of anger, in a safely guided and contained space.

Who is this course for?

  • The ones who are hungry to understand theirs, and others’ anger
  • The ones who are ready to own their anger, to shift out of blame and shame and connect within
  • The ones who know their anger holds the key to self-awareness, and immense power and strength
  • The ones who want to clarify and shift out of resentment, irritability and frustration, and tap into the clear channel of righteous and powerful anger
  • The ones who want to move from anger into action

This is a 10-day journey, including daily e-mails with lessons, stories, embodiment prompts and learning, as well as a final e-mail with further resources, inspirations and opportunities to deepen.

Course availability: self-paced, upon receipt of payment

Day & time – the first lesson will be received upon receipt of payment and e-mail address, and the subsequent lessons will arrive each day at 5am Pacific Standard Time.

How – via e-mail

Registration – confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Once you’ve paid via paypal you’ll be redirected to a webpage with the final signup steps – make sure you complete this last step, as it activates your course.

Cost – $89 CAD

Your anger class made such a difference for me. I’d been doing a lot of healing up until that point and your class was the final piece that helped me to finally, finally forgive my mother.

Thank you!!! I love what you do.

Jessica Molnar

Mixed-media Artist + Textile Designer, Odd Duck Press